The Magician's Daughter 1938 >

A magician's daughter falls in love with a reporter for a magazine. When the magazine publishes a story that exposes her father's methods, she dumps the reporter. He now must convince her that he had nothing to do with the magazine's exposé.

George Benson: Absolutely Live 2000 >

One of music's most magnetic performers, George Benson shines in this live performance. Recorder at Waterfront Hall in Belfast, Ireland this performance highlights the versatility of George Benson. With guest appearances by jazz legend Joe Sample, the BBC Big Band, and musicians from the Ulster Orchestra, George delights his fans with his straight ahead jazz hits, contemporary R&B classics, and fresh interpretations of elegant and timeless standards.

Jail House Blues 1942 >

A prisoner about to be pardoned puts it off until he can put on one last variety show for his fellow inmates.

Woodstock 94 1995 >

The "sequel" to the first Woodstock concert, during its 25th anniversery, featuring performances from bands like Green Day, Metallica, Cypress Hill, Blind Melon, Aerosmith, Nine Inch Nails, Rollins Band, Collective Soul, Blues Traveller and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others.

Cheap Trick: Silver 2001 >

Filmed in the late summer of 1999, Cheap Trick: Silver is a 25th anniversary celebration of the Rockford, Illinois, band famous for marrying British Invasion-era pop hooks with the guitar crunch of the Who's Quadrophenia period. Shot on a sealed-off, Rockford street, the concert is an electrifying overview of high points from the group's discography. The songs plucked from each of their albums reveal a remarkable power-pop consistency over the long haul, despite the band's lengthy periods of commercial rejection and bare survival. Visibly thrilled, Cheap Trick soar here through monster hits ("I Want You to Want Me," "Dream Police") and milk every drop of emotion from masterful ballads ("I Can't Take It"). While stellar guests include Slash and Billy Corgan, it's the appearances by less famous folk (the Rockford Symphony Orchestra, a few offspring of guitarist Rick Nielsen and singer Robin Zander) that movingly underscore the populist glories of this American band.

Les idoles 1968 >

This satire concerns three French singing idols and their attempt to stay in the public eye. A press conference, backstage hedonism, psychedelia, manipulative managers and disc jockeys are portrayed as the pop culture is thoroughly and effectively lampooned in this independent feature.

La revoltosa 1963 >

Mari Pepa, a beautiful laundress of Madrid, and Felipe, a carpenter, are in love but they are always quarreling over trifles. However, she must marry with the fence Don Leo to help his father, a drunk player who has committed a robbery and has determined the family jewels.

MC5: Kick Out the Jams 1999 >

Kick Out the Jams features many never before seen films of the MC5 as created by Leni Sinclair & conceptual artist Cary Loren during the peak of their career.

Honeymoon Hotel 1934 >

After introducing the small town Bugtown, inhabitated by bugs, this short shows what happens to two honeymooning lovebugs at the Honeymoon Hotel in town, due to the fact, that their love is a little bit to hot.

Kiki 1931 >

A young Frenchwoman is determined to get into and stay in show business, no matter what. Then she's determined to win a recently divorced man's heart... again, no matter what.

Infected Mushroom Live Tel Aviv >

Infected Mushroom (& special guests) celebrating their 10th anniversary in their hometown of Tel-Aviv, Israel. (This is a recording of the live TV broadcast) 1. converting vegetarians {with mayumana} 2. shkawkaw {with mayumana} 3. birthday {with bery saharof} 4. en kets la yaldut {with berry} 5. deeply rmx {with bery} 6. cities of the future 7. vicious delicous 8. meduzz 9. coolio rmx {with astrix} 10. special place/change the formalty 11. im the supervisor 12. 9precent 13. I wish infected rmx {with skazi} 14. suliman 15. muse breaks 16. the black shwarma {cut in the middle}

Henry Busse and His Orchestra 1940 >

This one-reel musical short, part of the WB/Vitaphone Melody Master series, features the music of trumpet-player and orchestra leader Henry Busse and his Orchestra, playing their own arrangements of various popular songs of the time...or in the Warners' song library. Those include "Wang Wang Blues," "Hot Lips" and "Along the Santa Fe Trail."