Inherit the Truth >

On Christmas Day in rural Texas, ten-year old Simon Green learns a painful lesson about mortality in his own backyard.

A Palace Uprising 1972 >

The two brothers Qetsor and Erlet often break their friends' toys. One night, Qetsor watches a dream in which the toys rebel against him.

Mimoza llastica 1973 >

Mimoza is a haughty girl who only argues with her friends. However, through experiences and advice, she will change and become friendlier.

Dad >

A super short poignant drama about Molly's relationship with her Dad.

Who Will Comfort Toffle? 1980 >

This short animation film is based on a Tove Jansson picture book. It tells of the little knytt (“knytt” is a non-existing word signifying something tiny like a crumb) who is ever so lonely, but so shy that he is afraid to approach others. The story follows the trials and tribulations of the little knytt and how he finally finds company. (IMDb)

The Elf and the Robot >

The Elf and the Robot is the the magical tale of a mischievous little toy who escapes from his box before Christmas morning. How will Santa's little helper manage to get him back in?

Truck Tunes 4 >

The fourth installment of the popular Truck Tunes series delivers 10 more trucks and machines with 10 great new songs! These music videos, featuring actual live footage of trucks at work and play, are certain to have you laughing, dancing and singing along. Songs include “Just Doing Their Job” (Police Vehicles), “Skidsteer Is Always Having Fun”, “Concrete Boom Pump”, “His Bed Is Flat”, “Tow Truck” and more! Kids of all ages will love these videos. There’s no better way to learn about trucks than with Truck Tunes!