Christmas Comes to Willow Creek 1987 >

Two brothers' lives are changed forever when they hit the road to a snowbound Alaskan village. Brother Ray and Pete had been feuding for years. So, when their ailing father asks them to drive a semitruck full of gifts and supplies from California to the isolated Alaskan village of Willow Creek, they agree ---- reluctantly. Along the way, they pick up trouble when they're joined by Jessie, who is Ray's estranged wife and Pete's ex-girlfriend. Then, a blizzard strands the truck deep in the Alaskan wilderness. Miles from help, with time running our fast, they realize only a miracle can save them. But, as they are about to be reminded, the season for miracles.

Run with Me! 1982 >

Kohán Imre, an adolescent kid under state care, is taken to the school resort house in the Bükk mountains with tuberculosis. He falls in love with Nurse Katica, not much older than him, and she makes friends with this open and sincere boy. Imre also finds friends among his class-mates and gains recognition for his brave behaviour.

Family Tree 1987 >

A magical tree has a 7 dwarves taking care of it. The tree is bearing money and only good people can take it and prove that the tree has money on it.

Mr Maker Lets Make It >

Mister Maker is the ultimate children's arts and crafts show which teaches and entertains in fun and imaginative ways. Mister Maker is a real life character who gets inspiration to make art from everything around him. Set in his own fantasy art room that he has created, prepare to expect the unexpected as pictures, objects and things that he has made come to life.

Latibær - Dansdraumurinn >

EINU SINNI VAR Goggi býr til tæki sem gerir vinum hans kleift að fara inn í upp-áhalds ævintýrin sín, bókstaflega! Glanni ákveður að elta þau inn í ævintýrabókina og nú er voðinn vís, því ef eitthvað fer úrskeiðis geta þau orðið föst í bókinni að eilífu. ORKUBÓKIN Íþróttaálfurinn sýnir krökkunum hvernig á að nota Orkubókina til þess að fylgjast með hversu mikið Íþróttanammi þau borða og hversu mikið þau hreyfa sig. Glanni heyrir af bókinni og ákveður að eyðileggja allar þeirra áætlanir! TVÍFARINN Glanni dulbýr sig sem Baldur Bæjarstjóra til að geta breytt öllum reglum bæjarins. Á síðustu stundu tekst Íþróttaálfinum og hinum raunverulega Bæjarstjóra að fletta ofan af öllu saman. DANSDRAUMURINN Sollu er boðið í dansskóla langt, langt í burtu. Þetta er enn eitt ráðabrugg Glanna til að losna við Íþróttaálfinn og Sollu! Tekst Sollu að komast að hinu sanna áður en það er um seinan?

Super Why!: Attack of the Eraser >

Join Super Readers Whyatt Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Princess Pea and Pig as they use their literacy skills to learn how to bake a birthday cake, pay a visit to the Tooth Fairy and prevent evil Eraser from destroying important words. In one memorable episode of this cartoon collection, popular heroes such as Cinderella and the Frog Prince square off on the soccer field against villains like the Big Bad Wolf and the Wicked Witch.

Mercer Mayer Frog Stories >

3 Mini-stories: A Boy, A Dog, and A Frog; Frog On His Own; Frog, Where Are You? "A Boy, A Dog, and A Frog" A small boy and his dog spend a day trying to capture a playful frog at a nearby pond. "Frog On His Own" With boy and dog in hot pursuit, a frog discovers the joys of motorboating, plays tricks on a magician, goes to a picnic, visits a baby, and alarms adults while amusing children along the way. "Frog, Where Are You?" Frog escapes from a life sentence in a jar. Join frog as he finds adventure and romance after the great escape.

While the Clocks Are Ticking 1976 >

Schoolgirl Masha gets into the fabulous city cheerful workers, which with the help of servants and cap of invisibility inhibits the evil Korol Kropodin I. Before the townspeople finally get rid of oppressors, Masha is a party to the exciting events and adventures.

Wonder Pets!: Save the Unicorn! >

Linny the guinea pig, Ming-Ming Duckling and Turtle Tuck join forces to save a new crop of animals in distress in this family-friendly program that employs the fascinating technique of "photo-puppetry." In this collection of exciting rescue episodes, the Wonder Pets jump into a storybook to help a unicorn whose horn is lodged in a tree. Later, they head to the South Pole to save a baby penguin who's stranded on an ice floe.

Snow White 1990 >

Enter the spellbinding realm of a pretty young princess, a scheming queen and seven funny little fellows with very big hearts in this brilliantly animated retelling of the timeless fairy take classic.

Rabbit Ears - The Fool and the Flying Ship 1991 >

Long ago in Russia, a proclamation went out through all the land that whosoever could build a flying ship would win the hand of the Tsar's daughter. But when a country bumpkin and his oddball crew of extraordinary friends show up to claim her, the dumbfounded Tsar quickly has second thoughts.

Sawan Ko Aane Do 1979 >

Chandramukhi, the city educated daughter of the village zamindar returns to Ramnagar, a typical village. There she meets her childhood friend Birju aka Brij Mohan. He has a lovely voice and she encourages him to pursue singing. Eventually Brij and Chandramukhi fall in love, but Chandramukhi's father cuts it abruptly and sends her to Lucknow. A short while later Brij arrives at Lucknow. Gitanjali, Chandramukhi's friend, is thrilled by his voice and helps him get a job at Aakashvani through her father. Brij returns to Ramnagar to ask Chandramukhis hand in marriage but is once again rebuked. He returns and goes on to become a great singer in Mumbai with Gitanjali by his side. All through he yearns for Chandramukhi as she yearns for him. How he manages to marry her forms the rest of the story.

Friend or Foe 1982 >

Two evacuated children in wartime rural England find two German airmen hiding out in the woods. An adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's 1977 novel from writer/director John Krish .

House Call 1979 >

Third movie of the famous Czech adventure trilogy: Osada Havranů Na veliké rece Volání rodu

The Living Wall 1989 >

The film is based on and develops the subject of a well-known legend of a sacrifice in the Rozafa castle, as a free interpretation of what people have preserved for centuries. Three married brothers decide to sacrifice in the castle the wife of whom will bring the lunch, so that the wall will not collapse once again on the ground.

Elisha 1993 >

Elisha, even though he has self-doubts, accepts God’s commands. Through his obedience and faith, he becomes one of God’s greatest prophets, doing His work and bringing Him praise among His people.