Friend or Foe 1982 >

Two evacuated children in wartime rural England find two German airmen hiding out in the woods. An adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's 1977 novel from writer/director John Krish .

The Mystery of Willoughby Castle 1979 >

Three youngsters set out to unravel the mysteries of a strange castle at the edge of town. In the process they learn about self-esteem and acceptance. It also offers a clear presentation of the salvation message.

Brontosaurus 1980 >

Tomás lives in a very small Czech town and is a nature lover and a birdwatcher. He struggles to keep the forests he loves clean and constantly fights his "archenemy" whose sister and Tomás's classmate is secretly in love with him.

Men Don't Cry 1979 >

The holidays began and Pepík Janousek is playing with his friend Hadraba, whose nickname is Sun. Sun has to baby-sit his small brother in a pram and envies Pepík his nice adoptive parents because his own father beats him often. Pepík is happy - he will have soon the same surname Marek as his father and mother. Pepík is shocked when Sun tells him that Mrs Marková is pregnant. He falls from a height and ends up in hospital. Despite of all expressed love and care Pepík is afraid that the Mareks will no longer want him.

Somsri #422 R. 1992 >

A robot finds herself in the midst of a family feud in this sci-fi comedy. Ter, an inventor, creates a robot called Somsri #422R, that looks and acts like a real woman. Soon, Somsri is caught in the middle of a rivalry between two families that can't stand each other.

Children of Wax 1988 >

An enchanting tale from Africa about five children made of wax. They are industrious, loving, and they feel no pain. But because they are wax, they can only go outside in the cool of darkness. One child, however, determines to see the world by day.

Seetarama Kalyanam 1986 >

The story starts with a conflict between two villages Ramapuram and Raghavapuram for Lord Rama statues. In that conflict, Raja's father who is the president of Ramapuram has been killed by Govindaiah brother-Subbaramaiah. Taking into that mind Raja's elder brother Rangayya kills Subbaramaiah and is sentenced to jail. After few years, Raja falls in love with one of his colleague in college without knowing that she is Subbaramayya's daughter, her name is Vara Laxmi. But their love was accepted neither by Laxmi's brother Hari nor by Govindayya. The rest of the film is all about how Raja struggles to marry Lakshmi with creating the relationship between both the families.

Tales of the Unknown South 1984 >

Trilogy of films about race and culture in the Deep South from the end of World War I to the civil rights protests of the 1960's. All three stories deal with fear and isolation, and the role of faith in the lives of those who venture alone into what is unknown around them.

The Smut Locker 2014 >

Josh Bell, a college senior, rushes home to dispose of his childhood locker before the contents are revealed at the family yard sale.

Shounen to Sakura 1983 >

In postwar Tokyo, while his mum works, Taichi spends his days alone and misses his dad who was killed in the war. Through his friendship with an old man who tends a seemingly dead cherry tree, Taichi learns about the tree and gradually becomes more positive. (Source: Treasures of the Heart)

Zizo, My Beloved Uncle 1977 >

Zizu suffers from wasting his body and his health is ridiculing all around him. Zizu wants to become a sports hero to be a source of pride for the son of his sister Samir, who takes a higher example of his uncle.

The Owl Paula 1981 >

A young boy is getting ready to start school and can't wait till September 1st.

The Elf and the Robot >

The Elf and the Robot is the the magical tale of a mischievous little toy who escapes from his box before Christmas morning. How will Santa's little helper manage to get him back in?