Jack and the Beanstalk 1912 >

We see Jack and his mother very poor and the project of selling the cow discussed. Jack meets the familiar figure of the butcher who bargains with him for the cow and finally Jack consents to part with the animal for the wonderful beans which will grow up overnight until they reach the sky. He takes them to his mother, and, of course, she is heart-broken and throws the beans out of the window. The next morning the vine not only covers the window, but reaches far above the top of the house out of sight in the clouds, and we see Jack start to climb upward. Upon arriving at the giant's castle Jack meets the ogre's wife, who towers majestically above him, and after some parley is invited in, on his plea of hunger. Before he can be served the giant is heard and Jack is hidden in the kettle. The giant comes on and then follows the familiar scenes in which the ogre calls for his bags of gold, his magic harp and the wonderful hen that lays the golden eggs.

Dugo ng panday 1993 >

Flavio is the chosen one, the PANDAY, the savior of mankind from the evil Lisardo. Panday goes against all odds to fight all of Lisardo's greed that goodness will once again prevail over their land.

Kappa no Sanpei 1993 >

Adapted from Shigeru Mizuki's classic manga from the 1960s, 'Kappa no Sanpei', the anime tells a story of a young boy, Sanpei, who lives in the beautiful countryside with his grandfather. One day, he is caught in the muddy streams of the river and wakes up in the land of goblins. Sanpei makes friends with a goblin named Gartaro, who bears striking resemblance to himself. Thus, the adventure begins.

Little Tom Thumb 1966 >

Animated version of the fairy tale. Tom proves himself cleverer than his brothers when he outwits an ogre and returns home with treasure.

What Men Live By 1938 >

A film based on a story by Leo Tolstoy about a cabinet maker, his wife and an angel punished by God.

Story of the White-Haired Demon Girl (Part 1) 1959 >

The late Ming court is a corrupt regime. Lin Ngai-sheung, nicknamed the 'Jade Killer', inherits the swordplay book of Tianshan and becomes a bandit of the people to rob from the rich. Her feud with Wudang Sect's Cheuk Yat-hong rooted from the time she held up a corrupt official. Cheuk, instigated by others, sees Lin as his enemy. However, Lin slowly falls for him. When Cheuk learns the truth, he helps Lin to defeat her enemies.

The Brian Sisters: The Boogie Woogie Man & More 1942 >

1942 is the year in which the Brian Sisters made the short Halloween film The Boogie Woogie Boogie Man, which they recorded with the Will Osborne Orchestra. This film was originally a 'soundie'; a short 16mm film that would be played on a free-standing back-projection machine such as the Panoram - an early kind of 'video jukebox'. It was made available later by Castle Films as part of their catalogue for the public.

Eddie Noble and the Heroes 1999 >

A crowd of kids watch a troupe of theatrical superheroes. 10 years later, Eddie and his friends are now would-be vigilantes attempting to keep their neighborhood safe from evildoers.

Let the Punishment Fit the Child 1997 >

Two women are bonded by strange rituals; a blurred sense of blood relation portrayed through a game of domination, submission, voyeurism and cruel tenderness.

Supernatural 1997 >

A beautiful young lady is totally stranded on a remote highway. She winds up looking for help in a haunted house only to be seduced by a harem of gorgeous vampire women. Come on - haven't we all experienced that?