The Kings of Siam 1992 >

A pair of Siamese Twins live and work as part of a travelling fair. One dreams of being a rock and roll star, while the other dreams of scoring the winning goal for England in the 1966 World Cup final.

Private Nightmare 1980 >

A man sleeping is haunted by surreal and everyday images: a grotesque dream-scape of the socialist countryside.

The Family Holiday 1975 >

Got your holidays booked yet? Take a look at what Terminal Tours have to offer in this consciously coarse comic cartoon.

Ersatz 1978 >

An animated Plasticine man enacts favourite scenes from Hollywood classics.

Spooky Kitaro: The All Seeing Eye 1980 >

Yasui is the president of a large company. After the war, he wandered into the world of evil spirits, where he obtained a hidden treasure "Geomancer's Eye". With the magical power of this treasure Yasui received enormous wealth. But the great miracles have a great price... A retelling of episode 37 from the 1971 TV anime.

Oh Hi Anne >

An epic tale of love and loss featuring legendary underground filmmakers George and Mike Kuchar, as told to an answering machine.

Ein gewisser Agathopulus 1980 >

Agathopulus loves his luxurious life. He does not want to be bothered with helping to rebuild a destroyed city. Instead, he invents machines and rationalizes the work flow. Although he is celebrated as a hero against his will, he has to escape.

The Toad Who Visits His In-Laws 1990 >

Rooted in the oral tale recounted by the Tetela in Sankuru, Democratic Republic of Congo, this story explains how it came to be that the Fox ate the Chicken, the Chicken ate the Termite, the Termite ate the Stick and the Stick ate the Toad, when the Toad arrives at his in-laws’ home and is served a meal with a single spoon, sparking off a terrible row!

The Stuntman >

From cowboys to cannons, diving to racing, perhaps nothing can stop this stuntman

Fatty Issues 1990 >

The cloak and dagger antics of a girl alone at home on a diet - weighing raisins, fiddling the scales, changing the definition of 'fruit' and blaming it all on her boyfriend...