Drink 2000 >

A strange liquid conjures people out of a man's mouth.

My Will Be Done 2001 >

A short animation movie directed by Jochen Bomm, Andrea Hiller, Philipp Orgassa and Sebastian Witt.

Ghost Town Frolics 1938 >

In an abandoned hotel, idle ghosts get drunk, play slot machines and line up for their relief checks. Two chimpanzees and their big mopey dog venture inside. The ghosts are thrilled at this new opportunity for mischief.

Project Incognito 1997 >

Flat Black Films’ rotoscoping software was originally developed for an MTV contest. It is 34 animated interviews with random people encountered in NY’s Washington Square Park.

Snack and Drink 2000 >

An autistic boy visits a convenience store for a "snack and drink"; we see his rituals, particularly the mixing of flavors of soda, with a wild variety of animation styles.