The Immune System: Your Magic Doctor >

Learn about the body's most important line of defense- the immune system. This film reviews the immune system's various components, showing how they defend the body against invading bacteria and viruses, and also explains what happens when the immune system is not functioning properly. Important factors contributing to the maintenance of a healthy immune system are also discussed. Animation shows how the body stays well, fights disease and heals injuries. Sometimes antibiotics or immunization are needed. Also explains AIDS.

The Mathematician 1977 >

The salutary tale of a genius mathematician who discovers that mankind is heading for environmental disaster. Ignored by all, he sets out to prove it — however the proof, represented by “a little black box”, is taken up by those previous doubters and exploited.

Children of Wax 1988 >

An enchanting tale from Africa about five children made of wax. They are industrious, loving, and they feel no pain. But because they are wax, they can only go outside in the cool of darkness. One child, however, determines to see the world by day.

Sõda 1987 >

A bat lives happily in an old mill until the crows invade, then the rats...

Beautiful Name 1979 >

A special performance for Laforet, the large department store/museum in Harajuku.

Shadowlands 1988 >

A silhouette world of gothic horror, of spindly figures dwarfed by bleak landscapes and Jules Verne machines.

Neighbours 1970 >

A minifilm form the series "Weg zum Nachbarn", made by the awarded filmmakers in Oberhausen. Produced in 1969 and screened in 1970.