Saddle-Sore Woody 1964 >

Dirty McNasty wants Woody's horse and horsenaps it! Woody follows the villain into town and proceeds to wreck the place in order to get his horse back.

Get Lost! Little Doggy 1964 >

While walking past a pet shop, a dog catches Woody's attention, Woody buys him, names him Duffy and takes him home., Woody lives at Mrs. Meany's Boarding House and no dog are allowed, so Woody goes through many attempts to sneak Duffy in under Mrs. Meany's nose.

Half Baked Alaska 1965 >

Chilly Willy can't afford any food, so he looks for a job. That doesn't go so well since Willy has no apparent skills... other than stealing. So he just does that with successful results.

Birds of a Feather 1965 >

Mrs. Meany is a bird watcher. Of course, she stumbles across Woody. Woody teaches Mrs. Meany "everything you need to know about bird watching." She finds that a bird is hunting her. It's an eagle who wants her as a mate and who chases her endlessly.

What's Peckin' 1965 >

Woody is causing too much damage. So much so that top scientists are called in to figure out a solution.

Case of the Elephant's Trunk 1965 >

Inspector Willoughby, the famed criminologist and master of mystery, travels to India to aid a rajah whose favorite royal elephant has been abducted by an evil swami. Encouraged at the prospect of a large reward, our heroic sleuth is hot in pursuit of the princely pachyderm and his kidnapper. Willoughby discovers the thief's hideout quite accidentally when he hears an elephant's trumpet and inquires at a nearby home, "Pardon me, are there any stolen elephants in there?"

Davey Cricket 1965 >

Charlie Beary tries to relax but is unaware of a cricket loose in the house. He hears a squeak coming from Bessie's vacuum cleaner.

Janie Get Your Gun 1965 >

A wanted man out West pastes Woody's picture over his own wanted poster, and Calamity Jane goes after the reward. Woody outsmarts Jane, but she falls in love with the outlaw when she sees his ugly face.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Telstar 1965 >

The world goes into panic when it is discovered that the Telestar satellite has gone missing. It turns out that Astronut has taken it out of orbit because it was getting in his way on his spaceship. As Oscar tries to return it to authorities two thieves steal the satellite and holds it for $2 million ransom.

Practical Yolk 1966 >

Woody lives in a pyramid. Woody finds famous explorer Mrs. Meany dressed in a helmet and shorts on a dig in Egypt.

Rough Riding Hood 1966 >

Woody is reading the tale of Little Red Riding Hood... and soon finds himself living the fable when a sobbing Red confronts him, telling him how a mean wolf has been bullying her on her entire trip to Grandma's. Woody plans to get even with the fiendish (and totally stupid) wolf by swapping places with her and going to HIS Grandma's. The wolf stops Woody carrying an apple pie and demands, "Let me have it" (Needless to say, he gets it alright!).

Astronut Woody 1966 >

Woody mistakes an about-to-be-launched rocket for a high-rise luxury treehouse. He becomes a space traveler and causes havoc along the way.

Snow Place Like Home 1966 >

Chilly sneaks into Smedley's lodge, which is closed for the winter, to eat some soup. Chilly keeps changing Smedley's radio to loud music, landing Smedley in trouble with a local hibernating bear.