Ukyunosuke's Reverse Ichimonji Cut 1964 >

In this exciting sequel to the popular samurai-ninja movie Ukyunosuke On Patrol, his mission to avenge his father's death continues. His discovery of a mysterious note written by his father, Inspector Sena, held a clue to the inspector's murder 18 years ago. As Ukyunosuke continues further with his investigation into the conspiracy to uncover the truth behind his father's death, he must confront those eager to take his life. The great Okawa Hashizo shines in one of his signature roles bringing the ultimate conclusion of this epic tale of murder and revenge!

Clothes Make the Woman 1929 >

A young Russian peasant feels pity for the Princess Anastasia and saves her life by accidentally wounding her in the massacre of the Romanovs during the Russian Revolution.

Mulan Joins the Army 1928 >

This epic version of the Mulan tale was an early epic, shot on location in Northern China using hundreds of extras. It is the story of Hua Mulan, a young woman who takes her fathers place in the army as he is unwell. She gains glory but must eventually deal with her deception.

Baku's People 1938 >

The film is about the revolution which began bacause of dissemination of Bolshevik ideas among workers.

Maia Tkneteli 1960 >

A young girl named Maia disguises herself as a boy in order to fight against the enemies of her country.

The Devils of Loudun 1969 >

This opera revolves around the demonic collective possession suffered by the Ursuline nuns in the convent of Loudun in 1634. The story concentrates on the handsome but doomed Urbain Grandier who fights against fanaticism and evil.

The History Project >

Since the mid-90’s, and the outbreak of common digital video editors, like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, a silent epidemic has spread through our education system: The common "Video Project." Educational videos produced by teens, to educate their peers on subjects they haven't been taught yet, themselves. In 2015, (visionary producers) Daniel Ahrens & Jason Flood amassed a considerable collection of History Class video projects from across our great nation. "The History Project" curates these projects, and arranges them chronologically to tell the story of America. This is our past, told by our future.

Big Boy: Last of the Giants 1959 >

Union Pacific paid tribute to its Big Boys in a publicity film that has become a sought-out collector"s item for rail enthusiasts worldwide. You"ll see the evolution of UP steam power from 4-6-0s to the development of the articulated locomotive. Then you"ll meet the Big Boys and watch as they are serviced, rebuilt, and run. Trackside and cab shots feature these mighty 4-8-8-4s pulling long freights over Wyoming"s Sherman Hill during their last years in service. This classic film is one you"ll enjoy watching again and again.

Swordswoman Li Feifei 1925 >

Most likely the first wuxia film ever released. A female Knight comes to the rescue of a woman who is about to take her own life after the announcement of a forced marriage.

Shounen to Sakura 1983 >

In postwar Tokyo, while his mum works, Taichi spends his days alone and misses his dad who was killed in the war. Through his friendship with an old man who tends a seemingly dead cherry tree, Taichi learns about the tree and gradually becomes more positive. (Source: Treasures of the Heart)

Gotoma the Buddha 1957 >

This Indian documentary had its world premiere in Paris. Told simply and straightforwardly, the film traces the life of Buddha, from humble priest to religious icon. The central character's search for wisdom and inner peace may not seem like ideal visual fare, but director Rajbana Khanna makes it so. Emphasis is placed upon Buddha's relationship with the land, conveyed by lyrical shots of India's vast and varied terrain. Prior to its official release, Gotoma the Buddha was feted with a "special mention" at the 1957 Cannes Film Festival; few viewers will hold it in lesser esteem.