Lawless 1999 >

An undercover cop who has been undercover for too long has to prepare to make the biggest bust of his career to arrest a drug lord, is suddenly betrayed by a person he least suspects and finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Now framed for a crime he didn't commit, he is determined to uncover his betrayer.

Random Acts of Violence 1999 >

When a young man new in town, the impressionable Chris Donds (Esteban Powell), is drawn into the super wealthy scene of Los Angeles after dark, he confuses his morals and beliefs for absolution and opportunity... the life that dreams as fast as it lives. His new lifestyle of carousing and daredevil brushes with the law leads up to an entanglement with the Russian mafia. Soon, Chris finds that his wealth cannot protect him and his friends from the retribution coming their way.

City Dragon 1982 >

A cop who became deaf as the result of a fight tries to break up a drug ring run by bikers.

The Lafarge Case 1938 >

Based on true facts, a news item which was widely talked about in the nineteenth century, this is the story of a wife who might have poisoned her husband .

The Brown Wallet 1936 >

Publisher John Gillespie (Patric Knowles) faces a financial crisis after his business partner skips town with all the firm's assets. Facing ruin, he reluctantly approaches a wealthy aunt for assistance but is met with a stony-faced refusal.

С дъх на бадеми 1967 >

A hairdresser Gerda has an affair with Dr Nikodimov, a married man past his prime. Savarinova has had her hair done by Gerda in fashionable style. She is ill at ease at a family party. Her sister Mina has been the cause of her anxiety, because the young scientist Belokozhov prefers young and unaffected Mina. They go out to the park and have fun by themselves. Meanwhile, Nikodimov goes to see Gerda in her flat. She tells him what has been preying on her mind during their liaison. Nikodimov's wife comes there but he turns her away. He tells Gerda that he will move in with her for good. Heartbroken, the girl turns him away. Nikodimov goes to the hospital. In his office, he takes out an ampule of cyanide and drains it with a resolute gesture. Mina and Belokozhov discuss love in the park. It starts raining. Laughing, a boy and a girl walk towards the dawn.

Halgato 1995 >

A tragedy looms for a young Gypsy violinist whose half brother is in the throes of first love.