The beauty and pride of wild animals capture the hearts of innocent people who have not lost their passion for nature.
Based on the novel Tottòi by Gianni Padoan. Sardinia is abundant in beautiful beaches and mysterious caves which are known as the habitat of a peculiar kind of seal on the verge of extinction. After moving to this island, Tottoi, fascinated by nature, visits different beaches and caves everyday. When he finds a seal cub and its mother in an isolated cave, he is surprised by the humorous movements and innocence of the cub and the dignity of its mother. Tottoi soon becomes attached to the seals, but his secret is revealed to heartless adults. In the name of preservation, a plan is developed to capture them for an aquarium. Now the dignity and pride of the wild seal are in danger. No matter how painful for Tottoi to be separated from his small friends, he must fight for the welfare of the wild mammals and let them go free into the sea.


First (or one of the) anime film I’ve seen, in VHS - rented from ACA video! I think I was 9 or 10 years old. I have been thinking about this film for a very looong time, not knowing what the title was. Like I would just randomly think of this movie sometimes. This film made an impact when I was a child, I don’t know why but I’ve never forgotten this! Some of the things that I remembered and stood out: * Island of Sardinia - of course as a child, it was weird that they lived in a town that sounded like sardines * The food they ate - I always thought it was chocolate with fish! (sardines? lol) * Name of the kid Tottoi - sounded like tutoy which meant breast in Bisaya language (my mother’s from Davao :) Seals! children friends with animals - of course i loved it as a kid!Don’t even remember the story that much but now I can watch it again, after 15-20 years? haha i want to know why this movie made such an impact in my early years. I guess it was also because I remember watching this with my family ^_^

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