Choose your target wisely.
Ideologies collide with fatal results when a military drone contractor meets an enigmatic Pakistani businessman.


**For a right action, given a wrong message!** Another terrorism sympathiser film. This is a second film to I watch which highlighted evil wins over good. That too coming from a nation like Canada is a bad example. The other film was 'The Wall'. There should be no mercy on terrorism and pisslam. If the characters, geographically altered to another continent, then it would have been a nice thriller with a message. The tagline was worst. You can't choose wisely, because there's no good terrorism and bad terrorism. Anyhow, Seasn Bean was good. Except the opening, it is a one day event film and most of the film take place in a house. The film was one sided perspective. Hence it gave a wrong message! I don't know why some filmmaker set to give people wrong information. It's only nurturing evil over good. This film could set a box office record in the middle-east, but not in the good part of the world. Easily a skippable film of the year, decade and forever. _1/10_

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