Download A Bundle of Trouble: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery

A Bundle of Trouble: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery

A Bundle of Trouble: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery
Aurora Teagarden and her boyfriend Martin are thrilled when they get an unexpected visit from his niece and her new baby. Their excitement is short lived when his niece disappears and the baby is left behind. Once again, Aurora finds herself drawn into a deadly investigation as she risks it all to help Martin reunite with his family.


**Mystery baby.** The sixth in the Aurora Teagarden Mystery film series made for television. The final film for now, until the next one comes out. Based on the book named 'A Fool and His Honey'. Fourth director to helm a film in the franchise. So far I've enjoyed all the films. They all were decent, as I say, for the small screen standards. Produced for Hallmark channel, surely the target audience is women. But the whole family can enjoy them, I meant including kids, since it has less violence. Surely a nice storyline for a literature. The film too was not bad, but it depends on the viewers. For instance, if you take me, I've seen many similar films. I'm not talking about crime solving themes, but this same platform with different characters, locations and a style of narration. That's why it is a television film, aimed for those viewers who are less familiar with the thematic. But I appreciate the effort. The production quality to the writing, music, performances, all were better. Especially the Hallmark's common cliché, the romance had got ridden. You will be happy for that if you are a male audience. Another case where Aurora did not choose, but it chose her. It was slightly different than all the previous ones. Because she did not know what she's looking for. A young woman with a newborn baby had come to her house saying she's her boyfriend's niece. But the twist was a few moments later, she went missing and a stranger dead on her front porch. The baby was left behind. It was closely linked case, due to her relationship with Martin. It's good that way, because intensifies the atmosphere and no room for mistakes. > ❝Did you come with an instruction book? Because I am very good with books.❞ There was a basic flaw. It was where the whole platform constructed on. Only at the end you will realise that. That it all would have been solved easily by those involved in it, before dragging Aurora and others into it. Even if it is in a life threatening situation. Because of what we predict, those possibilities, the theories, particularly against those people, are not strong enough. It was those young people, who wrongly handled the situation. That's why the original source material rightly titled, calling a fool. Everything's about the baby. The baby gives the reason for this story, and also to solve the mystery. From the opening to the mid- section, it was a nice film. They did all they could improvise the narration, but the end was average. The film flourished only for its suspense. The answers were all the time in front of us, in front of Aurora. The writers just dragged it with the kind of character design, with somewhat a convincing reason. The romance parts, either it was Aurora and Martin or Aida and John, did not go anywhere. Joining hands, doing the investigation, that's one way to improve their relationship. This is not the best in the series. At least better than the previous one. A new director, though nothing much has changed. The regular cast steered it with their best. It was a better film series than I'd anticipated. I had a nice time with them in the last one and a half weeks. The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries giving a new dimensional entertainment for the home audience. I mean, can you name a few crime/murder mystery titles with rating General. I don't know when the next one is coming out, but looking forward to it. In the meantime, I would suggest it, but not for all. Just lower your expectation and enjoy it. **7/10**

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