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Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography

Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography
"Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography," Smart explains her story in her own words and provides previously untold details about her infamous abduction and nine-month nightmare in the grasps of her cruel captors. Now 29 years old, she shares the perspective she gained through the ordeal and how she has moved past it to focus on marriage, motherhood and advocating for others. Smart's family, along with law enforcement involved with investigating the disappearance and eyewitnesses, reveal new information about the case and reflect on her remarkable recovery and perseverance.
Title Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography
Release Date 2017-11-12
Genres Documentary History
Production Companies AE FILMS
Production Countries United States of America


Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography is, as the name implies, Elizabeth Smart’s story told in her own words. Smart was abducted as a young teen, held captive by a deranged couple, brainwashed, and repeatedly raped for almost a year before she was able to escape. The film also explores the pain and suffering experienced by her family as they faced the initial shock and terror of a missing child, their ordeal with the police, and the highs and lows they experienced trying to find Elizabeth. I’m not sure “entertaining” is the right word to use, but Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography is certainly a compelling piece of television. Elizabeth Smart’s story is one of courage, bravery, and an unending faith. It’s the story of a girl who did whatever she had to deal with her situation and survive. Elizabeth Smart iis amazingly calm as she recounts her ordeal. The specifics she details are heartbreaking. I’m amazed at Smart’s poise as the horrors she faced unfold. What an amazing woman. The only reason I haven’t rated this a 10/10 was that I wanted more from Smart and less from the family. While their ordeal was no doubt gut-wrenching, their story isn’t as “interesting” as Elizabeth’s. Less family and more Elizabeth Smart would have made this thing even better. Still, it’s a minor quibble with what is overall a wonderful documentary. After watching this, I was interested to learn more about Elizabeth Smart’s story. I’m shocked to read numerous posts on the internet that doubt her and the truth behind her ordeal. Most question why she didn’t try to escape and why it took her so long to admit she was Elizabeth Smart when questioned by the police. I think she does an excellent job of addressing this in the film. If you’ve never been in her situation, don’t judge. You have no idea what she was going through. Her fear was real and her reluctance to do or say something is completely understandable. These doubters infuriate me.

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