Too Hot to Die 2018

A group of unhappy strangers decide to end their lives together, but soon they find that their plan is flawed after one of them turns out to be a beautiful woman.

(Fool Time) Job 2018

Pedro has found a job. A rare occurrence in this period of crisis. That's good news for him and his family. It's true that the job is rather strange. But the important thing is to have a job. Isn't it?

Cellular Immune Response 2018

On Inauguration Day 2017, the filmmaker spent all day in a Washington, DC, used bookstore, where he bought a stack of audiotape secret telephone recordings of marital infidelity from 1969. At the Women’s March, he recognized the cosmic resonance of the phone with all that was happening.

Problemo 2018

Mystical thriller about an investigation carried out by three characters into the disappearance of the residents of a small town. The film is characterized by a twisted plot and alternating main suspects until, at the end of the film, the viewers are presented with a strikingly different version of the story. It is the second film by Marius Pocevičius, in which an ironic and absurd world is created and complex narrative wings that involve the viewer throughout the film's time.

Tea Pets 2017

A group of tea pets—cute clay figurines that are good-luck charms for tea drinkers—embark on a magical animated adventure to find a fabled mystic.

O Samba é Meu Dom 2018

Between 2009 and 2012, filmmaker Cristiano Abud’s team followed the Brazilian samba musician Wilson das Neves. The result is this documentary, which recaptures the trajectory of Wilson, considered the greatest samba drummer of the 20th century.

The Lingering 2018

On New Year's Eve, Qingyi (Athena Chu) and her son, Dawa, were waiting for her husband to come home from work but he never showed up. Meanwhile, Dawa keeps seeing a stranger who is invisible to Qingyi. Leaving Dawa under the care of her neighbour, she heads to the village to find out her husband’s whrereabouts. Qingyi returns home and sees a stranger hiding in her house…

The Big Promise 2018

A desperate photographer kidnaps his own newborn daughter after his deceased fiance's ex-husband manipulates the law to gain custody of the child.

M 2018

M is a work of art that explores the relationship between sexuality and death. These two appear to be at opposite poles, but in fact they merge in all of us, disguising the fear of death or the desire to die, the world of Eros. In M the character of Marilyn Monroe should be seen as a symbol of this interpenetration. The actress´s death is as famous as her sexuality and thus sets a perfect example of how the ancient bond between sex and death is being forever mystified and exploited by the popular culture. M attempts to explore this phenomenon in a much more personal level.

Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram 2018

Courier boy Saleem and cab driver Parthu are roommates who lie to their parents about being in Dubai and live in Hyderabad instead. When they come in possession of Desa Rahasyalu, written by an ex-Army major Yakub Khan, they perceive it to be something more than what it is and try to sell it to Pakistan.

Dog Days 2018

A half-black half-Filipino Michael Jordan wanna-be sets his way towards his “hoop dreams.”

Billie and Emma 2018

Billie, a teenage rock star, moves to the province and meets Emma, a model and almost the perfect example of a good daughter. Together, they go through the experience of first love.

Tengkorak 2018

Humanity discovered a 170,000 year old fossilized skull with a length of 1,850 meters due to an earthquake in Yogyakarta in 2006. The discovery confuses a lot of religious leaders and scientists. Even the world is arguing whether they should research the fossilized skeleton or hide it from the public on behalf of humanitarian reasons. A young girl is trapped in the search for the answer for the mystery behind the skull and the revelation of the truth to the world. If we are indeed not the most perfect beings as we believe, do we really want to know?

All Grown Up 2018

After years of nurturing and protecting her younger brother, a filmmaker is forced to question her ability to help the people she loves when her own daughter begins to have troubles of her own.