Double Take: The Art of Elizabeth King

The sculptor Elizabeth King mines the spaces in between classical sculpture and automata; life and the life- like. Double Take: The Art of Elizabeth King explores the motives and creations of this quiet iconoclast at a pivotal moment in her career.

The Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II

This feature length HD documentary of Queen Elizabeth II's reign is packed with rare archive footage and expert commentary from Robert Lacy, Nicholas Owen, Tim Heald, Ingrid Seward, Gyles Brandreth.

Rainbow Quest: Judy Collins and Elizabeth Cotton 2005

Music/Musical - Judy Collins and Elizabeth Cotten also emerged in the 1960s and have subsequently enjoyed lengthy careers in the music business. These two concerts were recorded in the 1960s and highlight the talents of the pair.

The Royal Tour of Queen Elizabeth and Philip 1954

This 1954 film---50,000 Royal miles in CinemaScope and Eastman Color/Colour---covers the earlier-in-the-year six-months tour of the British Commonwealth by Queen Elizabeth and Philip, later joined by Prince Charles and Princess Anne toward the end of the trip. Those who wish can add the above four to the cast, but the thought here is they don't qualify as actors. At least, not in the normal sense. The footage includes visits to the Fiji Islands, Tongo, the Cocos Islands, Ceylon, Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Lots of native music and tribal dances and scenery inbetween many, many shots of the Royal pair arriving and departing. The title is the plot.

Landscapes of the Heart: The Elizabeth Spencer Story 2013

Southern novelist Elizabeth Spencer, still writing in her 90s, recounts her life story and the many decades she lived abroad in Rome and Montreal, away from her home state of Mississippi, a life spent in exile from the discontent of family and a literary community indifferent to her non-traditional writings about the South. Her story is filled with memories and reflections about race, class, and the changing roles of women during a defining mid-century in American history.

Portrait of a Great Lady / Queen Elizabeth: The Queen Mother: 90 Glorious Years 2002

The remarkable life of Britain's long-living royal, the Queen Mother, is lovingly remembered in this documentary double feature. In Portrait of a Great Lady, beloved actor David Niven guides viewers through the Queen Mum's life, which oversaw pivotal moments of the 20th century. The second feature, Queen Elizabeth: The Queen Mother: 90 Glorious Years, is narrated by Richard Baker.

Elizabethan Express 1954

Elizabethan Express is a 1954 British Transport Film that follows The Elizabethan, a non-stop British Railways service from London to Edinburgh along the East Coast Main Line. Although originally intended as an advertising short, it now acts as a nostalgic record of the halcyon years of steam on British Railways and the ex-LNER Class A4.

Syv dager for Elisabeth 1927

A hairdresser wins the lottery and decides to spoil herself by spending Easter at a mountain resort where she meets new people.