Lesbians of Buenos Aires 2004

This documentary tells the tale of Buenos Aires lesbians, focusing on three personal stories. A former militant woman who now devotes her time to feminine soccer; a young woman who is active so no girl has to go through what she went through and a lesbian mother who recounts how hostile the laws are regarding the rights of lesbian women. In spite of the difficulties their characters go through, the stories have a lot of humour, some soccer and a tour of the city.

Swimming with Lesbians 2009

Swimming with Lesbians explores an upstate New York community's efforts to create an LGBT historic archive-led by the extraordinary Madeline Davis.

Out in East Berlin: Lesbians and Gays in the GDR 2013

Paragraph 175, which made homosexual behavior punishable by law, was abolished in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in 1968. At that time, heterosexual nuclear families constituted the center of socialist society, and homosexuality was considered a peripheral issue in the GDR. Out in East Berlin —Lesbians & Gays in the GDR tells the impressive-to-absurd personal histories of gay men and lesbians in the GDR, from the post WWII years until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Our Marriages: Lesbians Marry Gay Men

Documentary about four Chinese lesbian women who seek contract marriages with gay men, and form of their lesbian and gay community and fulfill their desires.

Amazones d'Hier, Lesbiennes d'Aujourd'hui 1982

Documentary about a quarterly French language magazine published starting 1982 by a lesbian collective in Montreal, Quebec made of Louise Turcotte, Danielle Charest, Genette Bergeron and Ariane Brunet.

Tote Schwule - Lebende Lesben 2008

As a result of the Holocaust and later, AIDS, the male homosexual community has sustained bitter losses and, according to Praunheim, lesbian women have now placed themselves at the head of the so-called queer movement. The female protagonists in the film represent two different generations; they also incorporate the past and present status of homosexuals in society.

Schastlivogo rozhdestva v Parizhe! ili Banda lesbiyanok 1991

Four young ladies – Redhead, Blackie, May Lily and Irina, – earn a living very much in the style of 1990s Russia. The girls pick up horny rich men on the streets and lure poor fellas into their lair. Offering them alcohol and promising sex, they are just choosing the right moment to stifle and rob them. The girls have a faithful bodyguard Baban, who helps to keep their dirty deeds under cover. In turn the girls sometimes let Baban watch their lesbian orgies. Blackie’s little daughter is another full-fledged member of this “family” – the bodyguard Baban is her best friend, and sometimes she likes to peek at her mommy and friends having sex through a tiny hole in the wall. They all share one dream – to save up money, break away from the post-Soviet misery and spend next Christmas in Paris. –Obskura