Dance Like No One's Watching 2013

A short documentary that explores the world of competitive Country/Western dancing within the gay community.

Who's Watching the Kids? 2012

When the parents go on a date, JoJo (Lavelle Crawford) the manny drops the kids off at a relative's in South LA. The kids decide to take the bus back to Malibu. Hilarious kids adventure similiar to Home Alone except they want to go home alone.

I'll Be Watching You 2007

A young man with a stylish crew cut watches a surveillance video monitor with great interest as a security guard makes out with a bodyguard (both with similar crew cut) among luxury cars in the underground parking of a posh building.

Watching Them Die: The Mexican Army and the 43 Disappeared 2015

On the night from September 26th to 27th, 2014, a group of students, from Ayotzinapa School, was chased, shot and dispersed to different locations of the city of Iguala, Guerrero. Six people died, one in coma and 43 are missing. The perpetrators were members of the local police that acted under direct watch of state and federal forces, as well as the Mexican Army.

The Sea Is Watching 2002

Based on Akira Kurosawa's final unproduced script, this Edo-period drama takes place almost entirely inside an ocean-village brothel. O-Shin is a young brothel worker who one night helps a young samurai escape from his pursuers. Against the warnings of her fellow workers, particularly Kikuno and the brothel's owner, O-Shin falls in love with the samurai.

The Children Are Watching Us 1944

The film follows a four-year old boy named Prico as he becomes the subject of emotional folly by his fluctuant parents and inattentive relatives. In his first collaboration with renowned screenwriter and longtime partner Cesare Zavattini, Vittorio De Sica examines the cataclysmic consequences of adult folly on an innocent child. Heralding the pair’s subsequent work on some of the masterpieces of Italian neorealism, The Children Are Watching Us is a vivid, deeply humane portrait of a family’s disintegration.

British Country Birds: A Visual Field Guide to Bird Watching 2015

Grab your binoculars and head outdoors for this exciting introduction to birdwatching in the beautiful British countryside. From the bluebell-dotted woodlands, to the wild and sprawling moors of Yorkshire, this informative program will teach you how to spot popular British birds in their natural habitats. You will become familiar with how to identify species, learn birdcalls, discover the best places to birdwatch, as well as learn how to attract and feed birds. And if that weren't enough, you will also get up close and personal with a wide variety of common and unique birds ranging from the blackbird, robin, sparrow, and magpie, to the green finch, rook, pheasant, and owl. This is one journey of exploration that will truly make your mind take flight.

Rewind 2003

Han is a videostore owner who has been receiving anonymous lover letters. After finding a videotape that belongs to one of his customers, he uses it to start a relationship with the tape's owner Jan, without telling her that he has found the tape. As their affair deepens, Han begins to suspect Jan to be the letters' writer. He must decide Whether to reveal his curiosity or risk ruining a blossoming relationship.