Dierks Bentley: Riser 2014

Get an exclusive, up-close-and-personal look into Dierks Bentley's life and the making of his new album Riser. Watch the recording process, live performances and brand new interviews from Bentley.

The Bentley Effect 2017

When the Northern Rivers of NSW community found their home being threatened by gas field industrialization, a critical mass of citizens from all walks of life responded to the call.Told through the eyes of the "Protectors" over a five-year period and inter-cut with fresh insight from some of the world's leading social commentators, this feature documentary captures and celebrates what is described as the non-violent 'Eureka Stockade' of our time.

And So to Bentley

And So to Bentley was a British BBC comedy television series, aired in 1954. The script was written by Denis Norden. 6 episodes were produced, starring Dick Bentley, Peter Sellers, Rosemary Miller, Charlotte Mitchel and Herbert Mostyn. The series was regarded as a flop.