Tropical Passions

In this erotic thriller, terror reigns over paradise as a serial killer turns Hawaii's tropical beaches into a personal playground. Now, sexy detective Alexandria Jameson (Diana Kauffman) must stop the deranged murderer before the tide washes up the next victim. Darren Ray Cromwell, Alison Waters and Raena Cassidy also star in this racy suspense drama directed by Mike Sedan.

Tropical Depression 2012

Images from recent hurricanes and the 1931 Miss Universe Contest are collaged into an animated séance that channels Galveston's haunted history

Bolívar, a Tropical Symphony 1983

This is the first of Diego Risquez’ trilogy of avant-garde cinematic treatments of historical subjects. Using a painterly style, it features portraits, still lifes, and scenes shot as tableaux vivants, the film provides an experimental interpretation of the arrival of the Spanish and their domination of the New World, as well as the Venezuelan Independence movement, focusing on the role of Simón Bolívar. There is no dialogue or narration, simply a musical score and the depiction of events from Bolívar’s career.

Delirio tropical 1952

Vindictive rich girl spreads rumors about her rival being a witch. Townsfolk get all agitated.

La Tropical 2002

Documentary follows musicians, dancers and patrons both inside and outside the Salón Rosado Benny Moré, depicting with unbiased realism the struggles of daily life in today´s Havana.

Tropical Fabulário

Bittersweet tourist film through the streets of Recife, focusing on the historical barbarism that monuments and postcards hide.

Tropical Trouble 1936

A series of misunderstanding leads to a colonial governor's wife suspecting him of an affair with his assistant.

Tropical Fish 1933

An early Terrytoon that is, typically, all over the map. There are grotesque mutant fish, singing skeletons, and, finally, Farmer Al Falfa drinking some bad booze and hallucinating about mermaids.

Blues Tropical 1983

First part of the Trilogy of the Island in which Poli Marichal expresses and vents the anger and frustration caused by the colonial situation.

Tropical Heat 1993

An insurance investigator is hired by the American wife of a maharaja to go to India to investigate the questionable death of her husband. Immediately the two start an affair.

Tropical Fish 1995

Young boy, Ah-Jiang, a school failure and day dreamer witnesses the kidnapping of a child. After being taken hostage by a corrupt family, he begins an unusual adventure away from home.

Tora's Tropical Fever 1980

When cabaret singer Lily writes Toraya about her illness, Tora-san rushes to Okinawa to be by her side.

FernGully: The Last Rainforest 1992

When a sprite named Crysta shrinks a human boy, Zak, down to her size, he vows to help the magical fairy folk stop a greedy logging company from destroying their home, the pristine rainforest known as FernGully. Zak and his new friends fight to defend FernGully from lumberjacks -- and the vengeful spirit they accidentally unleash after chopping down a magic tree.

A Tropical House 2016

Almost entirely shot in still shots and revealing the corners of a house floor by floor, this is the filmmaker's second meditation (and a perfect continuation to "Tower House") about a particular architecture, as specific as it is captivating.

WWF Divas: Tropical Pleasure 2002

Run off to the sand, sun and warm waters of the Bahamas! See Ivory, Jacqueline, Lita, Sara, Sharmell, Sullivan, Stacy Keibler, Terri, Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus like you've never seen them before... the titillation will astound you. Find out why tropical breezes can't cool down these sultry sirens! Gasp in awe at the incredible hotness of these World Wrestling...

Tropical Heat Wave 1952

Story of staid college professor gathering data for a thesis in criminal psychology who becomes the object of a night-club singers affections.