Elvis: A 50th Anniversary Celebration 2004

On July 5th, 1954, Elvis Presley stepped into tiny Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee and changed the world forever by recording the rockabilly standard "That's Alright, Mama." Elvis: A 50th. Anniversary Celebration is a rare tribute with stars such as Tom Jones, Pat Boone, Neil Sedaka, Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, ZZ Top, Suzi Quatro, Julio Iglesias, Scotty Moore, Tab Hunter, Cliff Richard, Joe Esposito and Buddy Holly's Crickets and many more reflecting on Elvis' extraordinary talent and enduring popularity after half a century. For the first time, many of Elvis' famous friends and fans open up about what the King was really like, and share their memories of time spent with this remarkable man. Plus you'll see rare, color footage of Elvis performing onstage and experience the historic first recording session at Sun Studios from the people who were there!

Half a Million Black 1977

Two comedians borrow 500,000 Israeli pounds from an entrepreneur who launders the mafia money via his night club in order to produce a musical "Awaiting Godo".

Galaxie 500: Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste 2004

Prepare to rock out with this compilation of extensive live performance footage, television appearances and music videos of alternative Boston rockers Galaxie 500, who specialized in moody rock dirges in the late 1980s. Included are performances at the Middle East in Cambridge, Mass. (featuring previously unreleased material "Back in Your Life" and "Buzz in My Head"), the Kennel Club in San Francisco and Club Lingerie in Hollywood.

5000 Days in Wunderland

HOW AN IDEA TURNED INTO THE WORLD’S LARGEST MODEL LAYOUT What started as a crazy idea about 14 years ago is now a fascination for millions of people from around the globe. On this 2-disc DVD you’ll learn how it all began. Join the founders of the Miniatur Wunderland on an exciting discovery trip with shooting locations all over Germany and Switzerland. Where did Frederick Braun come up with the idea to build such a layout? You’ll find out here. Have you ever wondered how model figures are made? We’ll explain it to you. Experience an unusual view from the inside of a bridge and marvel at exclusive shots that show how it all began.

The Ford 50th Anniversary Show 1953

The program was the first so-called "Television Spectacular". Ford presented the show without commercial interruption. It is believed to be the first time that Edward R. Murrow appeared on NBC in a professional capacity. Also, in 1953, it was necessary for Ford to buy time on two networks to ensure maximum coverage of US TV households - at the time, neither CBS nor NBC reached 100% of them.

Safari 5000 1969

In safari of torrid and all the Yujiro Ishihara is galloping bet, powerful rally and the beauty of the heroine of Ruriko Asaoka! Europe, were dared Africa long-term location, romanticism overflowing masterpiece! to sprint the burning of safari wilderness, a dream of a man who bet on the race . the Grand Prix Nissan team fulfilled the 1960s Japan is proud, Koreyoshi Kurahara director of allies and Yujiro is, Europe, and dared Africa long-term location powerful movie! "I Hate But Love" as a masterpiece of a number of Kurahara supervision in Yujiro and Ruriko Asaoka death has been co-star is, and dressed to hero lover challenge to fight you bet the life and death, the adult man and woman of the drama is expanded.

Powerman 5000 - Backstage & Beyond the Infinite 2001

Powerman 5000: Backstage And Beyond The Infinite movie was released Mar 13, 2001 by the Universal Music & Video Distribution studio. Support metal band Powerman 5000 by watching their first official home video. Powerman 5000: Backstage And Beyond The Infinite movie A band who recently broke into the Mtv bred pop world after ten years on independent labels, Powerman 5000 are finally getting their due. Powerman 5000: Backstage And Beyond The Infinite video BACKSTAGE AND BEYOND THE INFINITE includes live performances from different international locations, rare footage from their early years, raucous behind-the-scenes partying, and every single one of their music videos.

Attack and Capture: The Story of U-Boat 505 2002

On June 4, 1944 Captain Daniel Gallery and his men of the U.S. Naval Task Force 22.3 did the nearly impossible - they captured a German U-boat. It was the first enemy vessel-of-war captured in battle on the high seas by the U.S. Navy since 1815. Climb aboard the historic U-505 and relive its journey from a powerhouse of the German fleet to a display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Witness archival footage and rare interviews with both German and American crew members involved in the capture of the U-505. And view even rarer footage of Captains Daniel Gallery and Harold Lange, captain of the 505 at the time of its capture..

Shades of Gray 1948

After the suppression of "Let There Be Light" (a documentary about combat-induced post-traumatic stress disorders which presented many inconvenient and demoralizing truths), the U.S. Army Signal Corp created this dramatized up-beat remake of the film. Only this time, the production excluded the involvement of John Houston, the producer of the original documentary.

Five Thousand Dollars on One Ace 1965

Los Pistoleros de Arizona known in the United States as Five Thousand Dollars on One Ace is a 1965 Spanish, Italian and West German Spaghetti Western film directed by Alfonso Balcázar.

Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Royal Albert Hall Celebration 1998

British superstar composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is feted in this 50th birthday benefit gala produced by Lloyd Webber's own theatrical company at London's historic Royal Albert Hall. The tribute includes highlights from Lloyd Webber's blockbuster stage hits, including The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Evita, and Sunset Boulevard. An eclectic performing cast filmed live during the event features Tina Arena, Michael Ball, Antonio Banderas, Boyzone, Sarah Brightman, Glenn Close, Julian Lloyd Webber, Marcus Lovett, Lottie Mayor, Dennis O'Neill, Donny Osmond, Elaine Paige, Ray Shell, Kiri Te Kanawa, and Bonnie Tyler